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Postcards from the Pandemic


Postcards from the Pandemic is a collaborative mail art project of over 900 postcards that were created by artists in and around Victoria in the depths of social lockdown created by the Covid 19 pandemic.


The project was begun in March 2020 by members of BOXCARSIX Artist Collective to stay connected, distract from the anxiety and boredom of the early days of lockdown, and get us into the studio to make art. Each of us initiated a series of postcards leaving space in each one for another person to add and respond to. Each card was then mailed on to another artist to add to and potentially complete the postcard.


The concept of the project started to circulate among friends and on Instagram, using the hashtag #boxcarsixpostcardproject, and quickly grew from eight to sixty artists participating. Collaborations have been between just two people, or as many as six. Most cards typically involve three to four artists. Each card is unique: the roster of artists has been constantly changing, and so the combination of media, imagery and approach used is infinitely variable. Some artists have painted, and used drawing, some have used collage, cutting and even stitch. Most of us have used a combination of techniques and media, as we work in response to whatever the previous artist has created.  


The physicality of the postcards is important, as the cards have gone on a journey geographically and artistically. Each postcard is evidence of the creativity and resilience of the individual artists involved in its creation. Together they are a testament to our ability to reach out to others and create community in challenging times through art.

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